🎊After the long-term unremitting efforts and close cooperation,
our SUNLU brand is proud to announce that our donation program with the school Stranraer Academy has been a complete success!🎉
📈Since the establishment and development of our brand many years, we have developed from a single filament supplier to a cutting-edge enterprise with self-developed printers. In this process,
the goals and aspirations of our brand have also become broader as we have grown.
In order to allow more young people and students to understand 3D printing technology development and stimulate their enthusiasm for creating and researching related technologies,
we have reached a donation agreement with Stranraer Academy, which also has educational aspirations in this regard,
and donated 3 S9 Plus 3D printers and a batch of PLA filaments to the school. 
🙋In the process of follow-up feedback, we are very pleased that the students and staff of the school have positive opinions of the products we donated.
At the same time, our brand also feels that our efforts have paid off well with the result that students have benefited greatly from our donated printers.
Through this donation, we hoped that the students from Stranraer Academy will develop an interest in 3D printing technology.
At the same time, we also hoped that in the future, more professional technicians and amateurs will join the big family of 3D printing and make great contributions to the development of industry, medicine, aerospace, architecture, and the welfare of the whole human society.💡
⭐️Our SUNLU brand always adheres to the belief of being people-oriented and is committed to making our society more advanced and beautiful by promoting 3D printing technology.
Special thanks to Mr. Mark Cameron for his positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout our communication process, making our common aspirations become true.🤝
🔥Our branded donation program will continue to open the door to more colleges and non-profit charities in need.
If you are interested, please feel free to get in touch with our relevant staff via Sunluad@outlook.com.
👉Check this link to see the detailed article and photos from the Stranraer Academy: http://www.stranraeracademy.org.uk/sunlu-3d-printer-donation.html?fbclid=IwAR2Y4KNMeVhEvtjRlECCTFCtb01QG4OxGChAhjRBgUdwPhRDsQdEax2vnRk